Featured Artist for June 2021 is BoundAlive!


Bryan - Main Guitar and Vocals

Jorge - Bass Guitar and Backup Vocals

Mike - Lead and Rythym Guitars

Rob - Drums

As our Featured Artist for the month of June, a random song from the band
BoundAlive will be played at the bottom of every hour (12:30, 1:30, 2:30, etc...)
during our Auto DJ hours. During live shows, the DJ's will play the featured artist
at some point during their show. This will take place, every day for the entire
month of June, so be sure to tune in and listen to this terrific band, and be sure to
check out their social media sites as well, and show them some love. \\m// \\m//

BoundAlive is a hard rock band that hails from northern NJ. Since 2017,
BoundAlive has been supporting major acts throughout the tri-state area,
and have continuously been releasing new music such as their previous
releases: "Fake", "Blame", "Can Never Tell", "Incision" & "King". BoundAlive
just released two new singles titled, "Captivate" & "Deceiver of the Hive", "King"
is also fairly new! Go to our website for free downloads and updates.


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