Welcome to the DJ Application Form. If you would like to submit an application for a DJ position, please fill out the form completely and give any additional information that you would like us to take into consideration. No experience is required and training, if needed, will be provided to you. You'll need to meet certain system requirements to be considered for a DJ position and you'll need to agree to download needed software as well. Finally, we require at least one hour of availability each week for any scheduled shows. If you can't guarantee at least one hour in a set time slot, then we suggest that you take on a floater DJ status. Floater DJ's take the air during Auto DJ time slots, when they are available to do so, and they can also fill in for other DJ's during their scheduled shows if there will be an absence. If you feel you're able to meet these requirements, please proceed to fill out your application and submit it for review. All attempts will be made to review your DJ application in 24 hours or less. Submitting your application is not a guarantee of receiving a DJ position with You'll be contacted via email for your status update, as soon as possible. Thanks for your time and insterest in becomeing a DJ for, and also for your continued support.

DJ Tainted/General Manager

PLEASE NOTE: (All DJ positions with are completely voluntary. There are no paid positions of any type.)

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