Welcome to the Rogue-Rock-Radio.com DJ Application Page. Please fill out the form and asnwer the questions below completely. Once you're finished, please submit the application.

Thank You

DJ positions are completely voluntary and are considered, "at will", which means you may step down from your position at any time, for any reason. We reserve the right to remove DJ's from the schedule if they show a lack of consistency. We do ask that you be able to commit at least one day per week to have a "set in stone" spot on the schedule. If you're unable to commit to a specific day or time, then you can be put on the schedule as a floater DJ, which means you can pick any day and "OPEN" time slot on the schedule to do a show, as your schedule permits. You may also add more scheduled time slots if your schedule allows. Thanks for your interest in being a DJ with Rogue-Rock-Radio.com

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