Bianca is a passionate single mother, singer, artist, and makeup artist, living and working in Cape Town.

Born September 1985, in Kempton Park, Gauteng, formerly known as Transvaal. She moved to Cape Town in 1990. Grew up listening to the music her parents and both grandmothers listened to. This would be music from the late 40's through to the 80's.

Bianca has a great appreciation for the Golden Oldies. At the age of two and a half, would be the first time she would be on stage, singing in front of people. She was invited on stage with her Ouma (grandmother) to sing "I fall to pieces" with Ken Mullen. At the age of Twelve, Bianca took part in a Fathers Day competition, where she sang "Dream Lover by Mariah Carey" and won a huge hamper for her father for Fathers Day.

It was only once she met Barry Burèt and Buzzy Bishop at the age of fifteen where her love of singing became a reality. She went with her family to watch these two musicians at a restaurant one Saturday evening. Bianca looked at their repertoire and recognised the song "What A Feeling, by Irene Cara", she asked Barry if she could please join them on stage to sing this song. You could see he was a bit unsure of this, but warmly welcomed her on stage, and then she sang, which took him by complete surprise. From then on, Bianca continued going every Saturday, starting with 1 song, then adding more and more as the time went on. Barry has gotten Bianca involved in various music groups, including PaperMoon, a BeeGees Tribute Show and then the current Duo, DesertMoon where they continue to sing Golden Oldies.

Bianca has no formal training in art, but possesses an instinctive and natural flair for the arts from a young age.

Bianca has done backing vocals for many artists, including Cape Town's well-known Country band, "Rocking Horse". She recently published her song, "Bleeding Heart", which was written and produced by Clive Barnett and Tony Drake.

Bianca was commissioned to do the illustrations for a book on rock climbing. The book, “50 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started Climbing” by Delaney Carpenter, was published in 2015."

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