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Rogue-Rock-Radio.com is looking to add live DJ shows to the schedule. No experience is required and training will be provided to those with a true desire to learn. I do have just a few requirements, which are as follows:

1) Must have a love of music. Classic Rock, Hard Rock and/or Metal is preferred, however, your show is your show, so your musical choices are up to you.

2) Must have at least a minimum of one hour a week availability. (3 hours would be preferred, but is NOT required. Please look at the DJ schedule to see available show days and times. All time slots are available on a first come, first served basis.)

3) A willingness to donate your time. This is a hobby, not a paid position. It costs money to run a station, however I take on that cost out of my own pocket. I do not request or accept donations.

4) I do require that our chatbox remain nuetral when it comes to Politics, religion, and social justice issues. Our chat is also a "Covid 19 free" zone. Music is our Mission at Rogue-Rock-Radio, nothing else. We all have had to "deal" with a lot of anxiety, depression, and major uncertainty over the past 18 months, therefore if you can't leave these issues at the door, I would rather you not apply.

5) Communication is very important. If you can't do your show, all I ask is that you let me know. I do not require DJ's to post looking for coverage from other DJ's. I will post in the Station's Facebook Group and also on the station's Facebook Page, and Twitter account if a show needs to be cancelled. Always put your life and family first. The radio is secondary to all other life events. This is suppose to be an enjoyable hobby, not a stressor.

6) Finally, I do require that you have at least a minimum of 2,000 tracks of music to begin. You need to have enough music to fill your show time, so the more music you have, the better off you are. If you have an issue and can't easily obtain the music you need, please include this fact when you submit your application.

PLEASE NOTE: Submission of a DJ application does not guarantee acceptance of a position as a DJ at this Station. I reserve the right to deny applications, based on application information and other factors if I feel it would be a "bad fit". From time to time, I may have other station positions available, however, I feel that loyalty and longevity is key when I fill these positions. Again none of these positions are "paid" positions and are completely on a voluntary basis. Also of note, syndicated shows will be limited to 2 on our station and simulcasted shows will be limited to 3. Currently, there is one syndicated show and one simulcasted show. Finally I need to "STRESS", Music Is Our Mission, period! I do not want people who care only about the number of listeners, or only self promotion. I want DJ's who will support other DJ's and the station as a whole, but most importantly I want DJ's who's love of Music is their true passion for doing what they do.

Tainted (Co/founder/Owner/General Manager)

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